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 “Infactuation  is just an illusion”

Our class presentation {XII-B} was on the topic “infactuation is just an illusion”. Infactuation is not quiet the same thing as love. But, it takes us choosing a wrong path due, to lack of understanding. The skit was about a girl who was loved and cared so much in her childhood by her parents. But, as the time flew the girl reached 8th standard and her parents had no time for her as, they were always busy in their work. The girl reached 10th standard and felt lonely in past few years. However, she felt infactuated with a boy studying in her school as well in tuition. Both of them started liking each other. She ignores her studied due to which her grades decreased. Day by day, even she started misbehaving, with her parents.
Later, she realized whom she started loving was not the true love but just an infactuation.