Sector 7, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi – 110 017 CBSE Affiliation No – 2730496

Amrita Vidyalayam




On 21st of April, 2018, 35 science students of class 12th visited IIT Delhi on account of the prestigious annual event of Open House. It was truly an otherworldly experience as students had the opportunity to meet IITians and had an insight at what life in the most prestigious university looked like. The open house started with an interaction with Director of IIT Delhi, Dr. Ram Venogopal Rao followed by lectures on artificial intelligence and upcoming 5G technology in India. The dignitaries encouraged the visitor students to get in IIT to explore the future prospects. Many experiments and researches by the students of IIT were shared and explained to the knowledge-hungry visitors. Interesting and information-rich lectures by faculty members gave students food for thought. Experiments seen by students included the use of optoelectronic waves in communications, development of holograms, glass-blowing(drawing the glass cylinder into flask and other glass vessels) , drones and various projects made by the robotics club. It was a genuinely enriching experience and the students would absolutely love to be part of such programs in the near future and are extremely grateful to authorities of IIT Delhi for such a brilliant session.