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Amrita Vidyalayam

Electrostatics workshop

 Electrons can be FUN TOO!!!

As soon as we enter the class 12th, the first chapter is to be taught was ‘Electrostatics’. Our minds were haunted by a thought that, ‘How can we deal with such thing which cannot be seen in our everyday life’. But before the workshop held in Birla VidyaNiketan on 16th April, 2018, we never thought that Electrostatics could be so much of fun. We started by moving a wooden plank with the help of charges and ended up by visualising the electric field lines which we had only read in our books. The workshop included experiments regarding charging an uncharged body, corona discharge, electric dipole, electric field and field lines and many more. The workshop proved electrostatics can be fun too. Two hours of the workshop not only taught us about learning which is written in books rather it is learning through our experiments
It was the best physics workshop we have been a part of so far. It has really induced great zeal to Electrostatics with more enthusiasm. We look forward to become a part of many more such events.