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CCA Activity 19 May 2018

 Fun With Paper

Art and craft activates our creative right brain. The co-curricular activities this time focused on stimulating the hidden artists in our children. Class VI students took part in a paper weaving activity wherein they had to prepare either two mats or four coasters by weaving paper strips of different colours. Paper quilling craft activity was planned for class VII students. Students prepared beautiful frames and other craft items, skillfully using the quilling technique. To integrate art and craft with the sensitivity towards our environment, class VIII was given the task of paper bag making with vegetable printing. Students used handmade A3 size sheets and created with beautiful paper bags. Class IX participated in an origami craft competition. Students created amazing compositions on A3 size sheets with origami. Designing of dresses and accessories is a task which requires high creative and spatial intellect. Class X students participated in the Fashion Designing competition where they were supposed to design outfits and fashion accessories with paper. Our extraordinarily creative minds created eye catching attires and accessories with paper.
Class XI students went for community service to an old age home and a school in the slum areas(Bal Gopal Pathshala). The trip helped in refining and enhancing the human values in our young Amritians.