Science Lab

State-of-the-art Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are dedicated to the development of scientific temper and aptitude. These labs enhance classroom teaching by:

  • open-ended investigative processes, using scientific problem solving.
  • reinforcing and clarifying scientific principles and concepts through application of classroom information
  • improving retention of concepts through three-dimensional rather than two-dimensional learning experience
  • stimulating students to understand the unpredictability and complexity of science
  • providing opportunities to engage in collaborative work and to model scientific attitudes and behaviour
  • developing mastery of techniques and skills needed for career in science, engineering, and technology.

Knowledge gained here enables students’ practical and concrete understanding of their own physical makeup, the functioning of the natural world around them and environmental issues.

Maths Lab

A well-equipped Audio Visual enabled Maths Lab helps students to understand mathematics and its applications in practical life, while boosting their capacity to think mathematically. They learn mathematics by performing activities and by hands on experience. The well-planned and innovative methods train and expose students to complexities of Mathematics.

Computer Lab
  • The school has separate computer labs for senior and junior wings. Both labs are equipped with hi-tech computers of Intel Core 2 series and have 60 systems apart from the central servers.
  • All systems have Broadband Internet facility which can be easily extended as and when required.
  • The labs are continuously upgraded for students to learn latest software skills.
  • The Junior lab has additional audio-visual devices for computer aided learning.
  • Teachers can connect their desktops into the campus-wide LAN. Each node is connected to the centralizednetworking facility. Effective firewall ensures computer security and anti-virus software is there in every desktop.

Language Lab

A full-fledged Language Laboratory is the focal point for the entire Language Department. It maintains a pleasant environment to study languages utilizing present technology. Watching classic movies, listening to famous personalities and orators add fun factors to their regular learning. Under the guidance of instructors and speech specialists the scholars are taught the nuances of oratory, intonation and correct pronunciation.

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